Rehoming My Dog Is Breaking My Heart

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Rehoming My Dog Is Breaking My Heart
Rehoming My Dog Is Breaking My Heart, Rehoming Time Separation

Rehoming a dog is really a heartbreaking moment for a dog owner. Cause, they are not just a pet, they become our buddies, our loyal and trustworthy companions. If I ever rehome my dog then rehoming my dog would break my heart too. In this blog post, I am going to share a small heartbreaking rehoming story of my friend John and his loving companion Akamaru.

Rehoming My Dog Is Breaking My Heart

John always wanted a companion like Akamaru (Akamaru, Kiba’s Ninja Dog from Naruto). Actually, we all want one but John got his Akamaru first. When John got Akamaru, it was a two months old little Siberian Husky. They walked together, played together, swam together, and spent most of their time together. After 1 and a half years John was admitted to a college and moved to the hostel but he can’t keep Akamaru with him. He talked to the hostel warden but the answer was still no. There was no way to keep Akamaru with him.

So John contacts his family and they try their best to keep Akamaru too. But they can’t manage enough time for Akamaru. Even though John visits Akamaru every week for two months, they understand that they can’t keep Akamaru like this. Cause Akamaru was all alone most of the time. So John decided to rehome Akamaru to a good guardian. John himself and I together searched for a new owner to rehome Akamaru.

After another week we found a good boy and his name is Tony. Tony lives a few minutes away from John’s hostel and he is really a very good boy. We all talked to Tony’s parents and they agreed to take Akamaru. Well, Akamaru was a good dog so they get along pretty well. And John was happy too. Cause he knew Akamaru was in good hands and he could visit Akamaru anytime too. John and Tony both take care of Akamaru. Akamaru is very happy to have them both.

Rehoming My Dog Is Breaking My Heart
My Friend John’s Loving Companion Akamaru when he was two months old.

All was good until John completed his college life. Cause now he got to move to another town for University. At first, he wants to take Akamaru with him but then Tony comes to his mind. He realized that if he took Akamaru with him Tony would be left alone. Tony’s heart will be broken like his. And after this much time, they both shared a strong bond with Akamaru. So John decided not to take Akamaru with him. Besides he knew Akamaru would be happy and healthy with Tony too. So he left for university alone and left Akamaru in Tony’s hands.

John said, “Rehoming my dog is breaking my heart but I know Akamaru is in good hands. Though I will always miss my Akamaru and I am sure Akamaru will miss me too but we both should be happy for the time we spend together. And I can still visit him too.”

It was really heartbreaking for John but he is happy for Akamaru. John still visits Akamaru but he knows Akamaru is now Tony’s best buddy. But John is happy cause Akamaru still runs as fast as he can towards John if he sees John. John and Tony spend most of the vacations with us cause that way they can both be with Akamaru. We all don’t want to rehome our dogs because it’s very heartbreaking. We pray for everyone so that they can stay with their companions for a lifetime. Wish no one would experience rehoming his dog because it’s really heartbreaking.

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