Parti Yorkie: An Adorable Dog Breed

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Parti Yorkie: An Adorable Dog Breed
Parti Yorkie: An Adorable Dog Breed

What Is A Parti Yorkie?

Parti Yorkie or Parti Yorkies are small, cute, adorable little colorful dogs. Now these colorful little parti yorkies are recognize as a breed and getting popular day by day. At first nobody recognized these parti Yorkies but by time goes, some people and organization recognize these little colorful dogs as a variant of the Yorkshire Terriers. Then the world finally noticed these colorful little parti yorkies.

These little colorful dogs are very cute and they are getting popularity for their uniqueness. I know you wants to know more about Parti Yorkies. So here we go,

Parti Yorkie

Parti Yorkies
Parti Yorkies

Parti Yorkie is a very cute and adorable dog breed. Basically the parti yorkies are small in size but they got a big heart. Their tri colored coat makes them charming. The parti yorkies and normal yorkies are similar sized but their coat color makes them different.The parti yorkies are a toy dog breed. For their colorful coat the parti yorkies are gaining popularity rapidly around the world.

Temperament & Personalities:

The parti yorkies are a small sized dog breed but their company will feel you special. Generally they are good dog. They behave well. But they are very protective towards their companion. They are small but when they bark you will notice even from a distance. Their personalities are like the normal yorkies. The parti yorkies are lovely, sweet, loyal companion. They are not aggressive so they can easily live with other pets. They are not very strong but they are healthy dogs.

The parti yorkies are very intelligent dogs. They learn quickly and that’s why the parti yorkies are easy to train. They are energetic so they require daily exercise. The parti yorkies have every quality for a family pet. I can guarantee that you would love to have a parti yorkie as your companion. Parti yorkies are also suitable for first time pet owners.



7 to 8 inches tall both male and female Parti Yorkies


4 to 7 pounds weight both male and female Parti Yorkies


Beautiful Parti Yorkies
Beautiful Parti Yorkies

The parti yorkie got a long silky coat with various color combinations and that’s what makes them unique. They got parti colored or tri colored pattern coats. Generally they got Tan, chocolate and brown color in their coats. But they can also be in black, white,black and tan, silver and black, white and chocolate, blue, white, tan and a mix of these colors. The blue, white and tan combinations are the rarest colored parti yorkies.

Whatever the color combinations are, they look gorgeous in every combination.


The Parti Yorkies got a life expectancy of 12 to 15 years, the same as the traditional Yorkies.

Health Issues

With their tiny size the parti yorkies are genetically exposed with various health conditions. So before you purchase a parti yorkie puppy you need to make sure that you buy it from a responsible and respectful breeder. That will help you and your loving parti yorkie to live a happy and healthy life.

But still nobody in the world are immune to disease or health issues. So as a parti yorkie owner, you might be aware of these health problems during your dog’s lifetime.

  • Diarrhea
  • Dental Disease
  • Hypoglycemia
  • Pancreatitis
  • Legg-Perthes Disease
  • Collapsed Trachea
  • Liver Shunt
  • Luxating Patella
  • Retinal Dysplasia

And also look for other disease. If you notice any health issues then contact to a vet and get a full check up.

Final Thought On Parti Yorkies

Final Thought On Parti Yorkies
Final Thought On Parti Yorkies

The parti yorkies are loyal companion of life. I love them. I wish I had a Parti Yorkie. If you have a Parti Yorkie then you are a lucky one.Dogs are called man’s best friend. I don’t have a Parti Yorkie but I got Luffy ( my Four-legged companion). If you don’t have a dog in your life then you are missing an important part of life. You should get one for yourself. You can choose a Parti Yorkie. Yes, they are little in size but they will make a huge change in your life.


Difference Between Parti Yorkies and Normal Yorkies?

Everything are similar between a Parti Yorkie and a Normal Yorkie except for their coat color. The parti yorkies have parti colored or various color combination in their coat but the normal Yorkies don’t.

How Much Does A Parti Yorkie Cost?

You can get a Parti Yorkie at $1000 to $2500 but some breeders can charge up to $5000 even up to $10000 for a Parti Yorkie.

Is Parti Yorkie Purebred?

It may be a little hard to believe but the Parti Yorkies are purebred Yorkshire Terriers.

Do Parti Yorkies Make Good Family Dogs?

The Parti Yorkies are friendly in nature and they make good family dogs for sure.

Why is a Parti Yorkie more expensive than a regular Yorkie?

Parti Yorkies are more expensive than regular Yorkies cause the Parti Yorkie are a rare dog breed and they are more beautiful than the regular Yorkies. Also the Parti Yorkies are more popular then normal Yorkies.

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