How To Take Care Of Your Senior Dog

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How To Take Care Of Your Senior Dog
How To Take Care Of Your Senior Dog

Every story has a start and an end, good or bad but the story will end. Just like stories every life also has a starting point and a point where it ends. Every life has experienced its young age, middle age, and eventually be at old age, this is a natural process of life. You and I everyone will experience old age eventually. It’s no different about animals. They will also taste it. But some animals will taste it soon and some later.

What age is considered senior for dogs?

It is hard to see your loved ones getting old whether it’s a human or pet. Humans taste old age at 60 or more but pets like dogs taste it in 5 to 12 years. Small dog breeds became senior dogs at the age of 11-12 years, medium-sized dog breeds became senior at the age of 10, and the large-sized dog breeds taste old age fast at the age of 8 years old. And the giant breeds became old very fast at the age of 5 to 6 years old. That means some dogs will get old at the age of 5 and some will show no signs of getting old at the same age period.

What happens In the stage of old age?

What happens In the stage of old age
What happens In the stage of old age

In this stage of life, you will witness some difficult times in your dog’s life. Little by little, your dog will slow down, it will be hard to move like before, and they will start to lose hearing and sight. And they are at higher risk of kidney or liver diseases, diabetes, and other diseases. It will be hard to witness all of this for you. Still, they can spend their golden years healthy and happy by your side.

How to take care of a senior dog

In order to provide the best care for your older dog/senior dog, you need to treat them a little bit differently than adult dogs and puppies. You need to do some changes to your dog’s daily routine, a balanced diet, veterinarian check-ups, some physical exercise, and some small changes to your home to comfort your older dog.

A Balanced Diet

In old age, your dogs need different foods so that they can stay healthy. Since older dogs can get sick easily,  a balanced diet can be a great help to maintain your dog’s health. In order to make a properly balanced diet you need to talk to your veterinarians in case your dog needs some special foods.

Regular exercise

Regular exercise will help your dog to stay healthy. In order to exercise you can go on a walk with your dog, you can play games with your dog, and rest as well. As a dog gets older, they have less energy than before. So don’t rush, be patient and enjoy your dog’s company. And if you notice anything unwell then go to your veterinarian as fast as possible for proper treatment in time.

Regular vet checkups

Regular vet checkups
Regular vet checkups

When it comes to elder pet care regular vet check-ups are one of the most important things. You need to visit your veterinarian at least once in six months. Cause in older ages, their immune system became weaker, and they are more prone to diseases. By visiting the vet and doing some check-ups you will know if your dog has any problems or not. It’s very easy to do veterinary check-ups cause now you can find Veterinarians online too.

Vaccination and parasite protection

Dog’s age doesn’t matter when it comes to tick, flea, worm, and lice protection. So you should continue administering proper treatments just like before.

But when it comes to vaccines,  usually older dogs require a vaccine once every three years. But you should contact your vet since they know what is best for your dog.

Regular grooming

Dog’s fur and skin, a once luxurious and shiny coat can become dull looking and brittle as they get older. Senior dogs can also suffer from flaky,  dry, and irritated skin and it can be worse if not treated properly.

Dental care is also an essential part of grooming and should be performed regularly from a young age.

That means you will have to bathe your dog regularly and give them haircuts from time to time to avoid the development of tangles and mats.

Make Some Small Changes to Your Dog’s Environment

Make Some Small Changes to Your Dog’s Environment
Make Some Small Changes to Your Dog’s Environment

If you have an older dog, making some small adjustments to your home and to your dog’s environment can have a big impact. Elder dogs can easily get bone problems, arthritis, weight and hearing, and many more problems. So you should make some small changes to your house to comfort and to make safe your furry friend. Like, some doggies ramp near high spots and change their bed and get an old-age comfortable bed.

And make sure their bed, food, and water are near the ground if possible. It will help them to comfort and to be healthy and happy in your house.

Spend time with your furry companion

Getting old is normal but it is hard to watch our beloved dog getting old and weak. But we all want to make them happy and say goodbye while they leave this mortal world. The best way to make them happy is to spend time with them, play with them, go on a walk, or go on an adventure. Make every moment a good memory cause when they leave us they left behind their memories with us. So spend lots of time and enjoy every moment plus make new memories with your furry friends before they leave.

Final Thought On Senior Dogs

Not every dog gets old at the same age but they do get old at some point. In old age, they may seem weak, have trouble walking, and may lose sight and hearing but it won’t happen overnight. You and your buddy both will have time to adapt to these circumstances.

Obviously, older dogs need different care than others. If you take care of your old furry friends and give them proper medical treatment when they need it, and give them attention then you guys can have a happy and healthy time together.

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