My Cat Won’t Stop Meowing And It’s Driving Me Crazy

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My Cat Won't Stop Meowing And It's Driving Me Crazy
My Cat Won’t Stop Meowing And It’s Driving Me Crazy

Cats meowing is a pretty common thing. They express their feelings by meowing. But when your cat won’t stop meowing then it can be a hard time for you and your cat. I have experienced a situation just like that after two and a half months with Nami(My pet Cat Name Is Nami).

When I first brought Nami to my home, she was very calm, sweet, cute, and adorable. Well, Nami still is. Nami was happy when she played with us and spent time with us. So I always try to give her enough attention and time to her. So that we can make a strong bond between us. My hard work pays and we get along pretty well quickly. But two and a half months later we experienced a horrible day. I wake up from bed In the early morning to the sound of Nami’s meowing.

At first, I thought Nami was trying to wake me up to play with her. So I wake up and get Nami but she won’t stop meowing. Then I thought Nami wanted to go outside so I took her outside the house but Nami still won’t stop. Then I give her food but she continues meowing. I was getting annoyed by her meowing. Then I thought I should give Nami some alone time then she might stop meowing. So I left Nami alone for half an hour. But she hasn’t stopped yet.

My cat won’t stop meowing and it’s driving me crazy. From morning to afternoon, my cat kept meowing. I thought what’s the problem? Why she won’t stop? I could not find any answer.

So, I took Nami to visit a veterinarian and explained the situation.

Then the vet says, “Don’t worry! Cat meowing is a common thing. But If your cat won’t stop meowing then there must be a reason.” The gentle vet told me some of the reasons and took Nami for a medical check-up.

The Reasons Cat Won’t Stop Meowing

Cat Wants Your Attention

Sometimes a cat just wants your attention and wants to play with you. If your cat keeps meowing then give him/her some time and attention. Sometimes they keep meowing just to say hello!

If you reply to them and talk to them they will calm down in no time.

My Cat Won't Stop Meowing And It's Driving Me Crazy
Cat Won’t Stop Crying

Cat is Hungry

If your cat’s food or water bowl is empty, then they might be meowing for food or water. So, make sure that your cat is eating enough and has access to enough water too.

Your Cat is Sick

Sometimes they don’t feel well and keep meowing to let you know that he is not feeling well. So give them some attention and make sure their health is well. If not? you know where you need to go! Of course to your veterinarians. If your cat is older then you must see the vet.

Your Cat is Stressed

If your home is going through some changes, your cat might dislike these changes. They might keep meowing to let you know that your cat doesn’t want these changes. Sometimes when you add new animals or new people to your house your cat might not go well with them. So, Keep an eye on them and give them time to feel comfortable again.

Your Cat is in Heat

Female cats can become very loud when they are in heat. They keep meowing to attract male cats. And the male cats are loud too when they detect any female cat in heat nearby.

After the check-up, they found my Nami was sick, that’s why she kept meowing. The veterinarians told me I did the right thing by taking Nami to the veterinarians on time. Then they gave me some medicine and prescribed when and how I would give Nami the medicines. After that, whenever Nami didn’t stop meowing, I just checked on her and spent time, giving attention, food, and whatever I could. If nothing works, that means Nami needs veterinarians. Now Nami has become healthy and happy like before and I am happy for her.

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