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Are Dogs Retarded Or Mentally Challenged?

From cave life to this modern civilization, we always found dogs by our side in every situation of life. That’s why, they have become one of our loyal & loving companions, part of our family, and a part of our daily life.

We love our canine companion so much that if anything ever happens to our dogs then we are ready to do anything for our best companion of life. Even, we can be extreme like John Wick. But sometimes we feel like our canine companions are different than others. We feel like our dog is retarded or mentally challenged like humans. But they still are loyal and loving companions of us. At one point, we all must have asked ourselves, are dogs retarded or mentally challenged? Or, Is my dog retarded or mentally challenged? Let’s find out together.

Are dogs retarded or mentally challenged?

Can a dog be retarded or mentally challenged? Yes, a dog can be retarded or mentally challenged. But not every dogs are retarded. They can be mentally challenged just like humans are. There are many retarded or mentally challenged dogs in the world with different mental disorders. They behave differently than other normal dogs.

Can a dog born as mentally challenged?

Unfortunately yes, some puppies can born mentally challenged just like some humans are. Puppies can have low intelligence, some can have other mental disorders. But thankfully, a dog born with a mental disorder is a very rare case.


Types of mental disorders in dogs:

Like humans, there are many types of mental disorders in dogs. Such as:

Canine Anxiety

Many of our canine friends suffer from crippling anxiety. It not only impacts their daily life but ours as well. Our loving canine companion can get canine anxiety in any form. ARE DOGS RETARDED It can be caused by an early age separation from their mother or their owner or companion, their surrounding nature, or loud noises?

Separation anxiety disorder is the most impactful to our canine companion. It can occur when a puppy separates from its mother at a very early age when its owner leaves it alone for a long time, or when a dog loses its close one.

A dog with canine anxiety can experience,

Destructive behavior


Excessive vocalization




Inappropriate urination and defecation around your home


These symptoms are typically present during the distressing moments for the dog, but some cases of anxiety can bleed into every moment of a dog’s life.

But thankfully, in many of the canine anxiety cases, it can be treated or managed in our furry friends. Behavioral training is one of the most effective treatments for canine anxiety. But you also need a proper guide from your veterinarians.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder also known as PTSD is a common anxiety disorder among humans. But you may surprised to know that PTSD is also common in animals, especially in dogs. PTSD occurs after experiencing severe trauma or traumatic events in life such as natural disasters, war, abuse, etc. ARE DOGS RETARDED. Many dogs suffer from PTSD because some dogs suffered traumatic events at a young age and it still fears them, some dogs get abused or treated badly by their owners.

PTSD disorders dogs can experience their trauma again when they see the same place, person, or event.

Dogs with PTSD can experience:






Inappropriate urination and defecation

Treatments for PTSD patient dogs are not an easy task but with good guardians, they can recover slowly. The new owner must build a strong bond with the dog and create new good and fun memories with it. It will help them to recover. Sometimes it’s hard to move on from trauma but owners must be patient.


Canine Depression

Depression is a mood disorder and when we are depressed we feel like we are in a sea of sadness and worthlessness. It is common among humans and one can be depressed in life very easily. Unfortunately like us, our canine companion can also be depressed. But the good thing is, their depression doesn’t damage like ours.

When a dog loses its owner, a companion, other pet animals, or their old home they can get depressed. Even when you move on to a new place, take a new pet, or change their daily routine they can be depressed.

Many humans take their own life when they fall into depression. You may wonder if dogs become suicidal when depressed. Don’t worry, they won’t become suicidal. When a dog feels depressed, they may show signs like-

Won’t eat or even eat too much

Hiding away

Disinterest in activities they once enjoyed

Won’t sleep or sleep too much

Low activity levels

Well, an owner can help his dog to get out of depression easily. If an owner gives time and plays with their canine companion, goes on a walk, or goes on vacation, it may be a great help for their depressed dog.

Compulsive Disorder

Obsessive-compulsive disorder is another common thing among our canine companions. This disease is characterized by repetitive and unchanging sequences of non-purposed activities. ARE DOGS RETARDED. Behaviors like chasing shadows or light, trying to catch flys, chasing unseen objects, chasing own tails, staring and barking, being obsessed with a ball or toys, licking surfaces or body parts, etc.

Well, these behaviors come from their genetics. Behaviors like these make them more adorable and cute.

Final Thoughts On Dogs Being Retarded or Mentally Challenged

Well, dogs can be retarded or mentally challenged. But we do love our canine companions whether they are retarded or not. Dogs catching their own tails or trying to catch shadows or light makes them more adorable companions. If your dog is a retarded one, we all pray for you and your canine companion to stay happy and healthy lifelong.

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